Would you like to lower your IT support costs by 30% - 50% while significantly reducing frustrating downtime and network failures? Would you like to know for certain that your network is constantly being monitored and protected from viruses, data loss, hackers, spyware, and other cyber criminals? Would you like to put an end to downtime and other annoying network failures finally and forever?

Do you have a plan for disaster recovery in the event of water or wind damage to your business files? Do you have a data management system in place? How do you determine the right time to purchase new IT equipment? How do you know what will best meet your needs?

Because we are also a small business we understand the necessity of making sound economic decisions, this is where we excel. We provide you with solid IT management; you don’t have the expense of another full time employee. You can focus your talents and energies toward managing your business as we manage your IT.

Technology can be a dual edged sword: it either significantly contributes to the success, profitability, and efficiency of your organization or it ends up being a huge headache and drain on your resources.

We make it a point to continually learn about the latest advances in cost effective IT technology and making that information available to you without the “geek speak” as it relates to your individual business. This enables you, our customer to focus on your business mission with a cost effective and efficient IT network. We provide guidance and recommendations through the technical jargon and numerous choices to find the best “fit” for your needs.

We work to develop a successful partnership between your business and PDQ so we can make technology a power tool that increases your company’s profitability, productivity, and operations instead of a constant problem that costs you time and money.

We profit when our customers have fewer problems rather than more.